Snail Farming in Nigeria; Problems and Prospects

problems of snail farming in Nigeria

Snail farming is the breeding of snails for either home use or commercial purposes which is also
known as Heliciculture (making them feel like their natural habitat).

Snails are mostly known for their crispy delicious taste and nutritional values/content (iron, protein, calcium, etc,). The demand for this meat is always on the rise never growing out of season or taste, making it one of the profitable
farming ventures to engage in.

Just like any other farming enterprise, no matter how lucrative it has its own challenges and
obstacles, snail farming is not exempted or ruled out.

Factors ranging from human and climatic reasons, Snail farming is faced with a number of problems that will be carefully articulated to help beginners in snail farming make an informed decision.

However, despite all the faced hurdles and challenges facing snail farming in Nigeria, it has a wonderful prospect and in the near future unimaginable reasons for people to venture into this business.

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