Snail Farming in Nigeria – 7 Things You Need to Succeed

Snail farming is one of the most profitable farming business in Nigeria currently. Unfortunately, many people still do not know about it simply because snail farmers in Nigeria over the years have jealously monopolized the business for them and their family alone.

It is common knowledge that the demand for snail meat (escargot) in Nigeria alone is much more than the supply let alone the demand from the international market. Hence, the urgent need for more snail farmers in Nigeria.

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Benefits of Snail Farming

Today we want to discuss on the benefits of snail farming and of course the reasons why you should start a snail farm even now but then let us first tell you what snail farming is all about especially if you are visiting this website for the first time. What is Snail Farming? Heliciculture, also … Read more Benefits of Snail Farming