Snail Farming in Nigeria – Processes Involved

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Snail Farming is the process of breeding and rearing snails either for fun, recreation or for business. Although snail farming has not been given much priority in Nigeria, it is one of the simplest and most profitable farming business anyone can venture in. Snails remain one of the most sought agricultural produce all over the world because it’s slime is used by Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics companies in drug and Cosmetics Production, it is also a good source of animal protein t meet the protein demands of people all over the world.

In Nigeria, there are a few snail farmers who are already breeding snails in small scale (backyard snail farming), medium scale (intensively) and in large scale (extensively) but still unable to meet the demand of snails in the country let alone for export.

processes involved in nigeria snail farming

Today, I want us to discuss the processes involved in snail farming in Nigeria. These processes includes but not limited to;

1. Snail Farming Education:

Now this is one of the most important but still the most neglected process in snail farming especially in Africa and of course Nigeria in particular, this is actually one place where many farmers fail because they hardly know much about the business they are venturing into. while some see it as not necessary, others don’t even know how to go about it. So first of all, get at least basic knowledge about the business, understand the business concept, species,  challenges you might face in the business, common snail pests & diseases and how to overcome them, feeds and feeding methods, marketing and the different challenges that may arise in the process of breeding your snails. Once you are convinced that you enough knowledge about snail farming in Nigeria, then you can set up your farm. You can also visit other snail farms to get an idea of operating a snail farm, go online and search snail farming info on Google or Youtube or simply let an experienced snail farmer guide you either in form of ebooks and manuals.


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After  this then move on to the next stage. Which is…

Physical Environment of Your Snail Farm

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