Snail farming business.

Snail Farming: How Lucrative Is Snail Farming In Nigeria?

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Snail farming business.
Snail farming business.

Snail Farming: How Lucrative Is Snail Farming In Nigeria? 

Snail farming business is fast becoming a lucrative business and investment in Nigeria. Even before now, snail farming has been a thingy, but not exactly as it is now. 

In fact, the demand is higher than before. The higher demand of snails could be because it is a nutritional local diet. It is not only natural. It is medicinal as it were.

In this article, I will share with you all you need to know about snail farming business in Nigeria. That is, whether or not it is a lucrative business to venture into in the present day society.

I understand that no entrepreneur; a goal oriented entrepreneur as it was, would stoop to venture into a business he/she has no prior knowledge, exposure and/or experience about.

When there is no experience. It becomes even harder than normal venturing into a business. This is a case, but of course, it is natural.

In such a case, getting knowledge becomes a thing. Simply, reading articles like this on TheSnailFarmer.com makes it lot easier.

I know you need this kind of article. For your sake, I write this article. So? Keep it locked in here. Part, if not all your doubts about snail farming business in Nigeria will be cleared subsequently…

Before delving fully into today’s discussion, you need to know this. Yes, please.

Starting up a snail farming business in Nigeria is very easy and affordable. Unlike many other lucrative businesses that generate profit as much as snail farming; of course, snail farming business offers you a whole lot.

Notably, snails are not only popular in Nigeria. Yes, please. Snail has a global popularity. Simply, snail farming business is not limited to Nigeria and no country. The economic value might be the reason why snails have global recognition; It is medicinal.

Let’s not make it a lot more difficult for you by saying everything in one article. Our main focus on this article is “Whether or not snail farming business is lucrative in Nigeria.” That I will tell you, so, keep reading.

Snail Farming Business.
Snail Farming.

Cost Of Snail Farming In Nigeria 

Just as every other business. Snail farming business has its own financial costs. This is usually amongst the major factors a goal oriented entrepreneur should look out for before venturing into any business.

Many entrepreneurs fail even before they start up a business because of lack, or inadequate planning. Thus; financial planning becomes the most important but unavoidable aspect of settling up a business.

Yes, please. You can’t but accept the fact that you can’t do without financial planning. So, you see, I was not sentimental nor exaggerating when I said financial planning is the most important aspect of business planning.

Now, I will give you a possible financial cost for setting up a snail farming business in Nigeria. This is just an assumption and not a static financial cost for starting up a snail farming business in Nigeria.

Of course, the financial costs for starting up a snail farming business in Nigeria varies. From season; rainy or dry to location, and then your expectations. Whether huge, minimal or less.

Unlike other business financial costs. Snail farming business financial costs is relatively low. This is so because not much more is expected of you.

Here is an Estimated Financial Statement/Plan For Snail Farming Business in Nigeria:

Space/land: You already have a space/land for this as expected. I can’t give you a certain amount for land. Herein; your location and your expectations is a determining factor.

Although, space is not always a problem as you could start anywhere. In your backyard, or wherever. In cases where you don’t live in your hometown. You live as a tenant, you can always lease or rent space.

Pens/Equipments: It is presumed you already have these things in place. So, there won’t be a need to discuss them.

Simply, your location and expectations determines how much you’ll spend herein. Too, the season and your bargaining power. Don’t be afraid of trying out new things. Try it out now not later. Give it a try; watch and nurture it while it grows.

Snails: You can budget this for as low as N20,000 to N50,000 depending on your expectations; your budget and land/space size.

This is a thingy herein because snails are not too costly. You can get a small/medium snail between N100 – N400 each. Again, this depends on what you want to achieve. Your budget and all.

Feeding: You can budget this for as low as N30,000 to N60,000. Snail food is not always too expensive, too.

You can get a 15kg bag of snail food for as low as N8000 – N9000.

When you don’t have enough money to buy snail food. You can feed them locally. This is why snail farming business is less costly than any other lucrative business.

You can feed your snails grasses. They eat grass. Of course, snails do not eat all grasses. They eat pawpaw leaves, pawpaw peel/back of the pawpaw fruit and the fruit itself. Subsequently, I will share with you some local food snails feed on; for now, let’s not delve into another topic.

Snail Farming.
Snail Farming.

How Much Money Do Snail Farmers Make?

Just like most businesses in Nigeria. Snail farming is lucrative. It is not just lucrative. Snail farming business is overtly lucrative.

Although, I will agree with you that snail farming business is overtly underrated in Nigeria. This, of course, does not and will not change the fact that snail farming business is lucrative in Nigeria.

Many entrepreneurs are making enough profit from this business already. Goal oriented entrepreneurs know what a less competitive lucrative business is. This is one.

Partly, this business has more demands compared to supply. Demand overtly higher than supply. This, of a fact, is enough reason for you to consider venturing into this business.

Snail Farming Business Estimated Return:

If you devote your time, money, and energy into this business. There is no way you won’t be able to thank yourself for taking a step nearer to your future. Snail farming profit is, in fact, good enough.

A huge/giant snail costs between N400 and N800 in the market. This, just like every other business outcome, is not static. It changes with season, location, bargaining power and all whatnot.

In fact, this also depends on how well you packaged and fed them while they grew. Yes, please. It is an important determinant.

Of a fact, nobody would want to buy a malnutritioned snail at a higher price. The price must be cut down, if you must sell it.

So? Feeding your snails as at when due should not be underrated. Partly why I said you should not venture into it if you won’t be committed.

In subsequent publications, I will share with you how best to feed and not malnutrition your snails while they grow. Subscribe to our website TheSnailFarmer.com and keep an eye on your email for subsequent publications.

The Bitter Hidden Truth About Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

Please, don’t bother venturing into this business if you are not patient, committed and consistent. No successful entrepreneur lacks these qualities otherwise you will end up losing funds without anything to show for it.

Yes, please. I mean, snail farming business is lucrative but not for a lazy entrepreneur; entrepreneurs are naturally smart and goal oriented anyways. There are not a lazy set of people, apparently.

So? It is not for you if you lack these qualities. If you can’t dedicate your time and be meticulous about taking care of this business, please don’t invest.

Just like every other business, you can invest even when you know you are lazy or lack commitment. Yes, you can. But, you will lose. There will be nothing to show for it, too. You will be left with nothing.

Frankly, sorry not sorry. I am not here to discourage or drag you. Contrary, I am here to tell you the bitter hidden truth and this is it.

Bottom line, you know yourself better than anyone else. I believe you know what is good for you, too. Do that!

I mean, a good/wise business oriented entrepreneur as you should consider venturing into this business. That is, if you really are a goal oriented entrepreneur (no offense).

Take a step and watch yourself grow.

Random Facts About Snail Farming Business

° Snail farming business is lucrative. Snail is costly. It requires little capital to start up.

° Before venturing into snail farming. Consider the temperature of the space or land you intend using. This is very important because snails naturally survive more in cool environments than the antithesis.

° Snail business needs commitment. You can’t be a successful snail farmer if you are not committed.

° If you must sell your snails and make profits. Feed them well. They can’t give what they don’t have. Plainly, snails gives protein so feeding them well gives them the protein they give back to humans.

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