Physical Environment of Your Snail Farm

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The second phase of our series on the processes involved in snail farming business in Nigeria is the Physical Environment of Your Snail Farm. 

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2) Physical Environment of Your Snail Farm:

One of the most important factors to consider before starting a snail farm is the physical environment where your snail farm will be sited. This is another area where many snail farmers make mistake,


Your snail farm should be sited in an environment that is free from predators, pests and diseases, bacteria and other physical disasters that may be harmful to your snails and of course the snail farm. One major killer of your snail farming business is ant.

Ants can kill all your snails and destroy the whole of your snail farm in a few days therefore you should be wary of the presence of ants in the environment or around your snail house. These ants include soldier ants, termites, Lizards, snakes as well as other harmful creeping and crawling insects.
How do you prevent ants you may want to ask? If you are using a cake pen or using other intensive snail housing units, it is advisable to dip the legs (stand) of the cage in a bowl of condemned oil, or occasionally pour condemned oil around your snail farm, this will help to scare insects, ants and termites from your snail farm.


One major mistake we have seen snail farmers make as we tour snail farms in Nigeria, is siting their snail farm directly under sun rays; this is very disastrous as snails like a serene environment with accurate temperature. To maintain a conducive environment for your snails, we advise that your snail pen (snail house) should be sited in such a way as to ensure that there are plants or tress to shield the snails from direct sunlight and winds.

You should have also noticed that during extreme dry seasons when weather is usually very harsh, snails tend to hibernate and become less active therefore make sure there are grown trees and other vegetation around to cushion the adverse effect of the weather.

Noise Pollution:

Noise is another very important factor to consider before choosing a location for your snail farm. Unfortunately, many snail farmers in Nigeria do not know that snails hate noise and so will not perform well in a noisy environment.

In summary, anyone interested in rearing snails in Nigeria should understand that extreme noise affects the general activities of snail such as reproduction, feeding etc. As a matter of fact, that is why snails feed better at night and very early in the morning when there is less noise in the environment.

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  1. What is the EXACT highest temperature a snail can survive indoors? Will someone PLEASE tell me. google results are worse than useless. do all snails die at the same level of heat? My concern is with garden snails though. People just seem to be ignoring this question


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