93% of Snail Farmers fail because they do it the OLD backward way; instead of using...

A Brand New System That Helps ANYONE Start Profitable SNAIL Farming Business in Nigeria and Consistently Smile to the Bank

Even if You Are A Tenant!

Dear Friend,

Wouldn't it be nice if I start off by telling you an interesting story about snails?

Yasssss I am sure it would! But, nobody likes his time to be wasted. Not even Jack, my fiery dog back then in the village.

Like every other smart person, you want to go straight to what works.

... you want to skip all the fluffs, and join the small group of successful snail farmers in Nigeria.

... just a few of them who have used the same revolutionary strategy you'll discover shortly to build a successful snail farming business, that generates 7 figures in revenue.


 That is what everybody wants right?

... and that exactly you'll be getting from this page shortly.

By the way,

My name is Ike Enuosa; CEO, EBF Int'l Services.

A husband to the best wifey ever, and a proud Dad of a beautiful damsel.

The other thing you should probably know about me is that I am a man who likes to try out a lot of new things. NOW this is my major problem "trying a lot of things" because it has made me loose so much money, Yes I mean a lot money that not everyone can actually afford to loose and still be sane Lol. I do not want you to loose the kind of money I lost trying to learn everything on my own.


1) You are interested in starting snail farming business

2) You are an existing snail farmer but not making as much profit as you ought to

3) You are a fish farmer but considering starting a snail farm also.....

4) You are a waka passsss..... Lol....

Whatever category you belong or choose to place yourself, you have 1 or 2 things to learn before you exit this page, yes if not you then someone very close to you should have need of this information

How DID I know.....?

 Cos I have my FAILURE story too... 


How Did I Know Snail Farming is PROFITable?

About 4 years ago;

while I was still on my 8-5 daily job, I decided to start a Fish Farm when it became pertinent that I needed a PLAN B.

But, I don't want to bore you with unnecessary stories really but just read on....

I went to Onitsha, Anambra State (You know Onitsha abi?) Yes na that major one that Igbo people go to buy and sell. So I bought 2 small mobile ponds, transported them to my land in a village near Warri in Delta State and stocked them with some fingerlins and booom business don start!

Good Enough, my friend Kester studied Agric in the Polytechnic but I did not. Neither did I undergo any fish farming training. The only thing I know is that I am very smart and I know how to search for information on Google and Youtube (shey be you know dem na?).

yes these guys were really helpful to me.

Long story short, 5 months gone and my fishes were ready for my first harvest...... SO I harvested them infact Effurun market women were on standby to buy and pay..

and I fell in LOVE with Agriculture

Unfortunately, I did not make any profit instead, I made huge losses.

By the second harvest, I started making reasonable returns and being sure I knew what I was doing, I decided to create a Facebook page to teach people Fish Farming business and ofcourse learn from people too.

See the facebook page in the image below

And yes I built an active community of about 5,000 fish farmers but in my usual habit of

 "Always trying new things", I decided to try Snail Farming. So, I set up my first snail farm.

As usual, I went back to my old friends; Remember them? yes na Google and Youtube and as usual they were there for me but unfortunately for me, there was something they didnt show me this time around. 

Long STORY short, I ended up harvesting snails that ONLY grew a few inches more than the "omomo" snail and then the RESULTS?

Yes your guess is correct! I lost over N500k and for once, I felt like  throwing in the towel. I felt like "Everybody must not do business" but on a second Thought....

I remembered I had spent so much on these Pen houses

Now, Here's The MOST Important Part...

Instead of giving up, I decided to start again on a stronger note.

I  spent Countless Nights doing RESEARCH, I travelled to different Snail Farms across the country, consulted with authorities in the industry and I DISCOVERED something I call a REVOLUTION. A revolution that can NEVER fail you if you judiciously follow this blueprint....

And this revolution, our team have put together in an electronic book simply called eBook.

Anybody... including YOU can start using the same revolutionary strategy NOW and start getting MASSIVE jaw dropping results in a few months from NOW

As a matter of fact...

 This new revolution SAVED me from loosing 500k again but NOW you don't have to go through those trial and error methods and the trauma of loosing your hard-earned money.
Lets hold your hand and guide you.....

Introducing ...


  • Before Stocking- A lot of snail farmers set up their snail farm anyhow they like and this is the reason they also experience disasters ranging from stunted growth, diseases and even attack by termits and other insects that kill snails. As a matter of fact, the soil preparation is an important aspect of setting up your snail farm; Accurate soil preparation will help to protect your snails from parasites/diseases as well as help them with proper nutrient for growth. You will learn among other things how to adequately prepare your pen before stocking. Get this stage right and you have a rest of mind!
  • During Stocking - Get this process right and you are a successful snail farmer but get it wrong and go home because you will loose all your investments and this can even happen in just one day. Yes just 1 day
  • Post Stocking - After stocking what NEXT?  You will discover the same strategies we used in raising giant snails in 7- 8 months. We will show you HOW to feed, WHAT to feed, WHEN to feed and even the proper diatery combination for optimum growth

Simple Analysis For Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

1) PEN (Snail house) Construction = N20,000 - N50,000 (Depending on type and your location)
2) Cost of buying breeder snails (Point Of Lay) @ 400 each X 100 Pieces =N40,000 but we will give       you for N350 each only if you are buying from our farm. That's  35k instead of 40k

3) Transportation of 100 snails to your location. =N5,000 -10,000 (Depending on your location)

4) Cost of feeding baby snails from 2months to 8months using the snail feed as supplement (this is optional). Waste fruits & vegetables are their main food.

-Cost of snail feed (Optional) =#80,000.

5) Cost of buying fruits like pawpaw, watermelon for 8 months period ( #50,000) But you can get them free from fruit vendors or plant them

TOTAL= N150,000 

At the bearest level, N100,000 is enough to set up a small snail farm (for starters) and grow it with time. Snail farming is actually the cheapest, easiest and the safest form of farming investment ANYBODY can start and make money.
This snail specie lays an average of 40 eggs in a year which should be able to give you 4000 eggs. Snails generally have high egg hatchery rate and even 100% is not uncommon.
First you can then sell off the parent stock (if you want) and start breeding the baby snails to maturity.

Remember we have 4000 grower snails to grow to maturity.
Now even if you sell them for N400 each at harvest, that would be N400 X 4000 snails => N1,600,000 - N150,000 =


Remember we calculated N400, actually fully matured snails sells between 400 - 500.... depending on the season. MORE SO, you still have your parent stock that will keep producing for you.
So what Are You Waiting for? Start YOUR Snail farm TODAY




This material is fully loaded. i now have confidence managing my own snail farm.


I couldn't have asked for more really. Anyone that wants to succeed in snail farming should get this ebook material..


And We Will Also...

  • Do Initial Stocking for You - You won't have to worry about anything, just watch us do it practically for you until you have fully learnt the processes
  • Provide You Our High Nutrient Feed: Don't crack your head yet about what to feed or how to feed, 
  • Give You Our Farm Manager's Contact: You can call our farm manager personally when you need his attention and he will gladly attend to you. 
  • How to Attract Quality Snail Buyers Ready to Part with Good Money - You will also be exposed to marketing secrets we have been using to attract qualities who beg us to sell to them an any cost...
  • Life-time Access Quality Support - You will be added to our professional Facebook & whatsapp groups where we share ideas and help resolve any issue you may encounter.
  • And Many More ...

Buy for Half Of The Price Todday

Some experts reviewed this book and told us to peg the price at N20,000 but because we do not want you to go through what we went through gathering the information together but for limited time, you Can  grab it today for half of the price.... ONLY TODAY

How Much Is This EBook?

With the value packed into this ebook and the bonuses attached, we could easily sell this book for N20,000, N12,000 or EVEN N10,000  but we are giving out this for just ....N7,999





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Now you can let you test drive this book for a whole 30 Days and if you are still not satisfied with the result and information therein, just let us know and we will refund your money 100% with NO RISK!                                                                                                                                             

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