How To Build Affordable Snail Housing in Nigeria

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Do you want to learn how to build affordable snail housing in Nigeria even as a beginner?

Are you interested in starting Snail farming in Nigeria?

If yes, then you need to pay close attention to this page.

One major problem, all snail farming beginners face is how to build an affordable house for their snails.

In your quest to feeding your curiosity, reading an article on TheSnailFarmer.com becomes a thingy; an interesting alternative.

As it were, building a farm, house or store for business is, in fact, one of the most important decisions any entrepreneur venturing into any business should consider first.

Goal-oriented entrepreneurs know how important this is.

In this article, I will share with you all you need to know about how to build affordable snail housing for your snail farming business. Too, I will tell you how many snails should be in a pen and a whole lot more.

Interesting, huh? I know right. Keep it locked here.

How to Build Affordable Snail Housing in Nigeria

A snail house or pen is a place where snails are kept for rearing or breeding. There are many different types of snail housing ranging from small portable housing to large gigantic ones.

Clearly, I won’t be discussing building a snail pen in this article. Rather, I would discuss how to build affordable snail housing. Obviously, building a snail pen is cost-intensive. So? It is contrary to our today’s topic of discussion.

In this age; social media and the digital age as it were, setting up a physical store or structure for a business is overtly underrated. This, as it was, might be because most brands now have online stores.

Therein, they buy and even sell their wares and/or products to prospective customers without having to pay huge bills; rent bills, utility bills and all whatnot. It is quite affordable as well anyways, but it is not a thingy in snail farming. Now, I shall tell you why it is not a better option for your snail farming business, subsequently.

Notably, online stores and/or structures are fast becoming a new replacement for physical stores. This, of course, does not apply to all businesses and snail farming is one such business.

Cost effective snail farm.
Giant snails in a tray.

Snail farming business, for instance, is, in fact, exempted. You don’t know why that is, huh? Surely, I will tell you more about it. Just don’t stop reading. I got you.

Now, I feel you might be wondering why the snail farming business is exempted. It is natural to have a doubt, the reason why curiosity is a universal threat.

Apparently, my submission does not mean you can’t have an online presence as a snail farmer. No, this is not the ideal, not what I meant either. Herein, the snail farming business is not exempted.

Yes, please. You can and should have an online presence. Having a presence online does not only help you make sales; it gives your business global recognition. Something your business needs more than anything to grow organically – while at it, your business thrives even before you could notice.

Having global recognition does not only increase the visibility of your business, it also puts you in the eyes of a global audience who might sooner or later ask or need your brand to partner with theirs. Awesome right? Yes, it is possible.

How Many Snails Should Be In A Pen? 

Ideally, between 60 to 65 snails are okay per pen. Although snails love pumping into one another, it is, however, important to give them enough space so they won’t have any reason to lack air and/or suffocate in the process.

Snails are too clingy in nature; whatever that means I do not know, but, I do know they love climbing and resting on each other. Haven’t you seen them do that to each other before now? Right…

In each pen put between 60 to 65 snails. Put some food in each pen; I believe you know this already. Add some plants near each other, too. This helps in keeping them healthy and fresh, they eat the plants whenever and use it to connect with each other.

how to build affordable snail farm housing in Nigeria

Materials Needed for Constructing Snail Pens

Again, I do not want to delve into another topic. However, I would give you a little hint of what materials you need to build a snail pen.

Obviously, this depends on your pocket; financial status. The material for building snail pens varies; from your budgeting to your location and then to the available land space.

Whatever be the case, I believe you know what is best for you. Go for that.

These are some of the materials needed for constructing different snail pens, among others.

  • Polythene sheets
  • Galvanized sheets
  • Nails
  • Storage containers
  • Chicken wire
  • Concrete blocks or bricks
  • Woods
  • Mosquito nets or nylon mesh
  • Timber: When buying materials for building your snail housing, it is advisable to use termite and decay-resistant timber.
  • Mahogany, Iroko and Opepe are better examples of timbers you can use while building your farm. These types of timber are found in West Africa.

How to Start Snail Farming at Home in Nigeria

Rearing snails at home is, of course, one of the most popular methods of Snail farming in Nigeria; not many rear snails at home for commercial purposes though.

As a goal-oriented, innovative entrepreneur, it is easy for you to venture into and rear snail in your home and still make something out of it.

You are goal-oriented after all. So, it is possible, really. Many entrepreneurs do not know this, unlike do…

Simply, buy a good specie to grow; any of the Giant African land snail family is a good option. Archachatina marginata (AM), Achatina achatina (AA) or Achatina fulica (AF). Feed them the right food and at the right time.

While at it, make sure their space is cool and away from sunlight. Yes, please. Snails don’t live well in a hot environment. So do yourself and the snails a favour of rearing them in a cool and sunlight free environment. This will help you more.

Snail Farming with Tyres 

Affordable snail housing with tyres

Ideally, you can rear snails at home with just old tyres. Isn’t it affordable enough, huh? Right…

Unlike building a snail pen, house or farm for your snail business; which, obviously requires a whole lot of expenses. Building snail housing with old tyres is just less expensive than anything. It is affordable.

Oddly enough, unlike others, it is readily available whenever. You can either get old tyres for your snail housing construction from vulcanizers or local mechanics at a less expensive rate.

Just like every other creature, snails need air to survive. Now, you put their lives at risk when you choose to build their pen with old tyres.

I believe you don’t want to rear snails to kill them unknowingly sooner. Do not bother, I know you want to make something out of your investment. Building a Tyre house for your snail business is not too bad anyway.

Just like every other thing; it can be managed. To make them live and not die sooner before you even notice. Simply perforate the old tyre by using a hot pointed metal rod.

If you must use Tyre for your snail farming business, please do this…

Affordable snail housing with just Tyre.

To construct a snail housing using old tyres; you can simply do these:

  •  Buy and get your preferred tyres ready.
  •  Stack two to four together. Do this by placing them upon each other in your chosen space.
  •  After this, fill them with loamy soil to a depth of 10 – 20cm. Mainly, this helps keep the Tyre house cool.
  •  Meticulously add and/or cover with mosquito mesh and kitchen wire. For efficiency, place them between the topmost tyre and the second one from the top.
  • Now, your snail tyre house is ready. Put between 7 to 12 snails therein; as expected, this is always determined by tyre size.

You can set up this structure with old tyres in your backyard as explained and seen in the picture above. It is less expensive to build. Too, it accommodates more snails as much as a normal structure.

However, many people have continued to argue about the possible health implications of using tyres to build snail houses. In fact, many did feel that snails eat whatever when in search of calcium.

So, they presumably eat tyres. A tyre is, of course, toxic to human health. Afterwards, humans will eat snails.

So? This kinda discredits tyre as a better alternative for snail housing.

Alternatively, you can use old water tanks, oil drums, and baskets. Too, old plastic containers are a good material to use for this.

Cost effective snail farm.
Awesome snail house with Tyre.

Things To Put Into Consideration When Constructing Snail Housing

I believe you already know how to construct a good snail housing, but do you know what to consider while building it? You don’t, now these:

Building snail housing is not that hard after all but you need to know things you should consider when building it. Otherwise, you might end up messing it all up; the snail housing, I mean. I know you don’t want that for your snail farm.

These tips might help prevent a possible future regret: 

First off, you should consider the quantity of snail you want to build a snail house for; this, somehow, is the most important thing to consider before any other.

Secondly, you should consider inquiring from the seller about the real age of the snail you intend to buy. This is kind of weird, but not a bad idea. In most cases, this helps you to know if the snail is a good breed or not.

Check also, flooding vulnerability, location, temperature, weather conditions of your intending snail farm. These are secondary, yet they are no less important.

I believe you have learned a thing or two from this article. How about sharing it with your friends and family? Trust me, one out of ten persons who’d see this will feel motivated. Be someone’s motivation by sharing this article.

Also, ask me anything. Tell me anything using a comment box; I will be happy to read from you… 




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