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The Snailfarmer comprises a team of experienced snail farmers in Nigeria with strong desire to raise as many snail farmers as possible in Nigeria and Africa at large. We have successfully assisted in establishing snail farms across different states in Nigeria.

However, due to the increased desire of Nigerians in snail farming, we decided to create this website to share valuable and useful information on snail farming as well as the challenges you may face as a snail farmer. We shall continue to update this blog with valuable information on snail farming such as; soil treatment, pen (snail house) construction, different snail species available, snail feeds and feeding, snail breeding/production, harvesting, marketing etc.

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Are you planning of starting a snail farm in Nigeria? Yes while I agree with you that snail farming is a good, profitable and one of the simplest form of livestock farming compared to fish farming, poultry, piggery etc, I will also like to let you know that breeding snails is not as easy as a lot of persons make it seem. Snail farming is more than picking up some snails from the wild into the cage. You must be willing to undergo training to learn the ropes of the snail farming business.

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